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*Establish team chemistry, unity, work ethic, and the season's future...

Football is a special game in the sense it demands 110% buy in from both the player and his/her parents; in order for our teams to be competitive. We have highlighted the Off Season and Pre Season expected participation by everyone deciding to play in the Fall. 

Off Season- 

  • Weights: After school M/T/Th & F or with your Winter Sport Teams
  • Film Study: Either with your teammates or position coach.
  • Clinics: Many Free clinics can be found in San Diego. Ask you coach for a current list.
  • Throwing Sessions (with your QB): QB and Receivers should get together on their own.

Pre Season-

  • Morning Workouts: Twice a week before school check team schedule.
  • Spring Ball: Usually held for 2-3 weeks prior to finals week. 
  • Passing Tournaments: 7 on 7 with other high schools
  • Passing League: 7 on 7 between 1 or 2 schools in a round robin format.
  • Summer Ball: Four days a week starting in after school gets out for the summer. See your team schedule. 

In Season-

  • Regular season practices: will range from 3:30-6:30 Monday through Thrusday with one night practice depending on the Varsity Field Hockey schedule.
  • See Game day proceedures. Click here