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*Embrace the competition and win with physicality and class...


2018 VARSITY/JV GAME SCHEDULE (Var 7:00, JV 4:30 unless otherwise noted):

Game Day Procedures: 1. The typical report times for Varsity games (for a 7:00 p.m. kick-off): Home: 4:30 p.m. Away: depends on destination (players will be notified) *Varsity ‘early-outs’ begin at 5:30. Stretching usually starts at 5:50. JV and Frosh: Schedules vary based on start times. Report time for a home game is typically around two hours prior to kickoff. Report time for an away game is typically around 2 ½ hours prior to kickoff. Always be safe and be early. Coaches will always list report times beforehand (if not, be sure to ask).

2. Taping: Only players who tape during the normal practice week should be taped for games (your 1st game should never be your 1st ‘spat’). If you want to be spatted on game nights you must bring your own tape and it needs to be the same color as our team shoes (black unless otherwise noted). Don’t make the mistake of changing your game night ritual and getting distracted by taping, spatting, eye black, etc. Focus all your energy on being the most disciplined and most explosive player on the field.

3. Pre-game meetings: We will conduct a series of position and team meetings prior to each game. Times and location will be posted prior to each meeting.

4. Pre-game atmosphere: The tone in the locker room will be focused. A calm intensity will permeate the room. Three areas will be available to players: • Main locker room: The Core will decide on appropriate, fitting music for our locker room. If the coaches sense that music is becoming more of a distraction (or inappropriate language is used) than a tool to help focus, we will speak with the Core to remedy the situation. If it continues to be a distraction, we will make the locker room a quiet preparation area. • Gymnasium: Only quarterbacks, receivers and running backs will use this room as an area to warm up when it’s not being used by other indoor sports. • Weight room: The lights will be dimmed and this is an area for quiet preparation. Head phones are permitted, but it is a silent prep room. 

5. Riding the bus: All players are required to ride the bus to the game. It is mandatory that a player issue the coach a written note from the parent if that player will be riding home with the parents after the game for emergencies only. Players are not allowed to drive themselves. Bus transportation guidelines: • No talking on the bus to games once the coach’s “silent” whistle blows (typically with 15 minutes left in the trip). • Prepare quietly. Relax and continue to focus on your responsibilities, reads, and plays. No overly loud voices throughout the trip before or after the game. Respect the bus driver. Use the bus ride to visualize making a big hit, a great run, or a great block. • On the bus each player will carry his shoulder pads and helmet and wear his jersey or requested attire. Hats may be worn as long as they are team hats. • Help carry water, footballs, gear, etc. as you board or leave the bus. It’s a team effort not just the manager’s job. 


Volunteers: Please report to the Team Parent :30 minutes prior to your assigned time. This is especially true for home game Chain Gang.