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Pregame Mental Prep


Without self-discipline, success is impossible, period– Louis Leo “Lou” Holtz


The importance of developing a pre-game routine cannot be overemphasized.

Psychology in football tells us that players, who come to the game unprepared, tend to give a poor performance.

Players usually give their best performances whenever they are ready and free from negative thoughts, anxiety, and fears.

Having a pre-game routine is a way to help players control their thoughts and actions by putting them in a positive mindset before the start of the game.

A player that is focused, with a strong football mental game will have a good performance.

Football psychology defines pre-game routine as ‘Sequence of task important thoughts and actions which an athlete engages in systematically before a game starts”.

Pre-game routines should be incorporated into practice on a regular base. It can start the day before by watching what foods you eat leading up to the day of the game. On game day the following are important: pregame meals, visualization, meditation and the music you listen to.

The key is to develop a feeling of greatness, confidence and the ability to perform in the game successfully.

How a Pre-Game Routine can Build Your Confidence.

Preparation is a powerful source for building confidence. If you practice well, you will develop a level of confidence that will be unshakable.

Psychology for football stresses that confidence is not inborn, but it can be developed. A great way of developing confidence is through creating mental images of you completing successful plays. Incorporating imagery into the pre-game routine can go a long way in building the football confidence that is needed for success.

Pre-game routines have to be practiced consistently in order to be effective. This will increase the player’s level of focus, and make them ready physically and mentally.

Pre-game routines should be customized according to the player’s characteristics and behaviors.

They are derived from the activities that motivated each player, brought them confidence, and those past experiences that have brought them success.

How Pre-Game Routines Improve the Mental Game.

Creating a pre-game routine helps players to develop a mindset that allows him or her to perform optimally, and prevents them from getting in their own way.

Preparing physically and mentally to perform at your best comes down to finding a pre-game routine that is perfect for you, and helps you feel good and confident in your performance.

No matter what your pre-game routine is, it should meet your needs and be effective.

Pre-game routines will also promote positive and motivational messages that will instill focus, creativity, confidence, motivation and overall success.