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Optimizing Performance with Routines

“Every athlete acquires routines as a way to help control nerves” ~ Hope Solo

The most successful athletes all had certain pre-performance routines to prepare themselves for competition.

These habits helped contribute to their success and can be considered good habits to form. Mental preparation is key and having a routine that can assure you substantial preparation before a football game.

How A Routine Affects Performance?

It is not just talent that creates a winner but winning habits that players form to have consistent success creates talented winners.

For this, you will need to create a routine customized especially for you according to what works for you.

A pre-performance routine can improve your mental toughness drastically because you will be providing yourself with mental stability in an adverse environment.

Football psychologists mentioned that routines can help a player control their anxiety and allow them to concentrate more during the game.

This is because when you are occupied with a routine that helps you relax before the game, you will be distracted from the negative ideas of what might happen on the field and able to focus on the important strategies.

Of course, it should be a simple routine that will reduce anxiety and should help you focus your energy on the game. This is ultimately a form of mental preparation because you are preparing your mind for the competition.

Positive self-talk should be vital in your routine because players with low self-esteem are proven to have a weaker performance than those with high self-esteem.

Success greatly depends on your attitude towards the game.

Superstition or Routine?

If you are a player, I am sure you have heard plenty of old superstitions from your relatives or fellow players about what will bring you luck.

Some football psychology articles state that players are known to drink a specific drink or chew a specific colored gum because of their superstitions, and they believe it will somehow bring them luck. These beliefs do not help your game in any way, so knowing the difference between a superstition and a routine is important.

Do not waste your concentration or energy on luck, but rather focus on habits that will benefit you.

Football psychologists say that superstitions can let you down because, if your lucky bracelet goes missing one day you will have a nervous breakdown all because you let yourself believe that without your bracelet, you will fail.

On the other hand, if you practice a routine like repeating a positive mantra or remembering a specific rule, then in tough situations you can rely on these to help you keep calm and make a decision.

If you are struggling to find a routine that suits you, then take a look at what your favorite athlete does before a game and find inspiration from them. A successful athlete must form winning habits.