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Knowing Your Mental Game


“Just remember, football is 80%mental and 40% physical.” – Steve Emtman

This quote suggests that your mental ability is superior to your physical ability. The way in which you use your mind to overcome obstacles and execute strategies is what gives you an edge over the other players. So, if you can develop your football mind, you will have the greatest asset a player can have.

How Mental Toughness Can Affect Your Confidence

Players with low self-esteem are proven to be weaker on the field than the other players. They are at a huge competitive disadvantage simply because of their lack of confidence.

Even if a player’s physical abilities are weaker than his opponents, if his football confidence is at its peak, he can still have a chance at intimidating the opponent and strategically defeating him.

Football psychologists say that self-confidence goes hand in hand with a positive mental attitude and mental toughness.

The whole purpose of mental toughness is to be able to stand strong on the brittle ground. When your mind is under immense pressure you need to be able to ignore the negative uncontrollable factors and be relaxed.

When you drain your mind with worries or thoughts about failure, your football mental game is at it’s weakest and your self-confidence will also plummet with it. Furthermore, your focus is compromised because now you’re thinking about several different, irrelevant things at a time.

This is why mental toughness is so important in determining your confidence level.

Improving your mental game and mental toughness will automatically improve your confidence. This is because mental toughness is the result of discipline and confidence combined.

The first step you need to take in achieving this is to commit to the game as best as you can. You need to be willing to work hard and have strong intentions to accomplish your goals. This drive for success will ensure your determination on the field as well as improve your football mind.

Importance of Mental Toughness

Players who possess strong mental toughness are more likely to able to control the way they feel during the game.

Having a mental break on the field is the worst disadvantage a player can put on themselves. It is important to learn to keep your emotions in check and this will instinctively increase your self-confidence because you will feel in control of yourself.

Football mental preparation is vital for your mental game. This involves simple things like knowing what routine to follow, having your own personal ritual before the game to give you a little comfort and confidence, and lastly be prepared for the worst.

The way you can do this is by exposing yourself to many adverse situations whether it’s during practice or actual games. It important that you be prepared for any likely or unlikely situations and be ready to respond.

Imagining yourself in these situations can help you to figure out the right response in order to not compromise your team. This will be a huge football confidence boost because now you know what to do or not to do when odd situations arise.